Photography is part of me as all other things which I use to express myself – drawing, reading books, baking cakes and cookies, chocolate, coffee, programming, travelling, yoga, dance. Not in order of importance.

“How harmful overspecialization is. It cuts knowledge at a million points and leaves it bleeding.” ― Isaac Asimov, quote from Prelude to Foundation.

I believe in the power of women, the creation they carry in them. I believe in love.



Modern and Contemporary Art and Design Specialization

The Museum of Modern Art

Modern Art & Ideas
Seeing Through Photographs
What Is Contemporary Art?
Fashion as Design

Art & Ideas: Teaching with Themes

The Museum of Modern Art


– August 2014 – charity exhibition “Little things” for the “Poppies for Mary” foundation, Sofia
– July 2017 – “The Beauty of Bulgaria”, Sofia
– November 2019 – “The moment my breath stopped”/”Un momento que me dejó sin respiro”, Valencia, Spain
– October 2022 – “Mirrors”, Sofia, “The Big Bang Theory” series


– October 2013 – Masterclass with Aleksandras Babicius
– March 2015 workshop “Scent of a Woman” II with Kalin Kostov and Nikolay Kolev
– June 2019 – master class with Rafal Boyar
– June 2019 – PHOTOSITI – photography workshop for making “fanzines” with the Spanish photographer Ricardo Casses, Sofia
– November 2019 – “Dream and Reality”, Oleg Oprisco’s workshop
– The Portrait Master Conference 2020
– Sue Bryce Education 2020


– Official selection One Shot – Color 2022
– Honorable Mention IPA 2022
– Official selection “Professional TIFA 2022” – Bread and The Big Bang Theory
– Bronze Professional TIFA 2022 – Subcategory Winner – Advertising-Food – Bread

Curator of:

– May 2017 – exhibition “Looked at differently”, Sofia
– September 2017 – exhibition “39 frames”, Sofia
– September 2018 – exhibition “Stories from the Quarter”
– September 2021 – “Fragments” exhibition, Sofia
– October 2022 – “Mirrors” exhibition, Sofia

Organizer of photographic events:

Inspiration Photo Conference 2019, Sofia
Inspiration Photo Conference 2020, Sofia

Founder of:
Code Angels